'cause this life is a beautiful one

"The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they’re alive."
Orlando A. Battista
— 9 months ago

When someone you love dies, the world as you know it ends. Literally, it does. And it’ll never be the same again. And you have to rebuild the world, and that’s the hardest part. You have to pick up what’s left, strap it down with you, and hope like hell that whatever is left will stick around for a long time.

The world as I knew it is over…again. And now I need to somehow get a new one together when there was plain perfection in my last world, and that’s not fair and that’s what sucks. So right now, I’m just looking for what’s left. And I will find it. And I will love it and cherish it. But…I wasn’t ready for my old one to end yet.

— 10 months ago
"Well, let it pass, he thought; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice."
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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"…the only people that interest me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing.. but burn, burn, burn like roman candles across the night."
Jack Kerouac - On The Road
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"In all, what Neal was, simply, was tremendously excited with life, and though he was a con-man he was only conning people because he wanted so much to live and also to get involved with people that would otherwise pay no attention to him."
Jack Kerouac - On The Road
— 1 year ago

If you give love and live long, then you’ll never be alone.

— 1 year ago
"Death is a thief. It takes and keeps all that a person is, the person was."
— 1 year ago
"The only way to get through it, is to get through it."
— 1 year ago
"Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief."
Nicholas Sparks
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Lesson #111

Lesson #111 - The keys to happiness are shared with you constantly throughout your life. Unfortunately, it’s usually not until you’ve reached happiness already that you value those keys.

— 1 year ago
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